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El Paso Houses For Sale by Aileen Soto

Aileen Soto is a real estate agent who will go the extra mile for you. She is always ready and eager to answer every question you may have along the way. With great attention to detail, and patience through every step of the way, Aileen will be dedicated to finding you the best home for your situation.

Aileen Soto was born and raised in the Far east side of El Paso Texas. She received a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, with a minor in community health from the University of Texas at El Paso. After working in her field of health and research for three years, she discovered the opportunity to expand her knowledge in business and start her own venture into the world of real estate. This has helped her diversify her abilities and tools with which to help people, which is one of her fundamental passions. She is an avid health, education and financial literacy advocate and always puts family first.

Aileen Soto Realtor Houses for sale near me Letty Ortiz Digital Marketing Coordinator


El Paso Houses For Sale Near Me - Meet Letty

Letty Ortiz is a Digital Marketing Coordinator who helps Aileen in developing and promoting her online presence. 

She has a Bachelor in Business with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Management. She is dedicated to helping others feel more confident and comfortable in trusting the home buying process by allowing Aileen to walk them through the journey. She plays many roles but her main goal is to allow Aileen’s trusting nature show through the screen!